Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Columbia econ department hires in bulk

Columbia se puso a contratar new faculty al mayoreo este año:

New Faculty 2005-2006
Arriving From
Patrick Bolton (joint with Business School)Princeton
Yeon-Koo CheWisconsin
Pierre-André ChiapporiChicago
Janet CurrieUCLA
W. Bentley MacLeod (joint with SIPA)USC
Bernard SalaniéEcole Polytechnique
Edward VytlacilStanford
Stefania AlbanesiDuke Fuqua Business School
Kate HoHarvard
Wolfram Schlenker (joint with SIPA)UCSD


Aquí está el chisme con más detalle:

To cash in on the hottest academic trend, Columbia bought in bulk.
Who They Hired
Columbia added seven renowned scholars to its economics department in just one year.
Who They Might Hire
The buying spree's not over.
A Closer Look at Sunspot Theory
How it could rewrite the rules of recruiting.

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